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Smiley Face
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Start and end your day with a sweet smile....



May u have the best laughter...

SMILEY FACES ...remind us that we should smile and not frown;
A smile transfers a universal friendly message to the recipient;
Adding some sweeteness to your busy life.
Ivan Lim 

I just wanted to send you this Smiley

to say hello

and put a smile on your face.



Did it work?






How about this one...





Does this one make you smile?




How about a really big one???





You are really making me work hard here...



How about this one?





OK, that's it. 


I'm gonna have to pull out

the biggest smile ever...



You really are a lot of trouble you know...



I'm not sure if you're worth

all this trouble or not...



OK, here it goes...


Are you smiling now?



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