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Lion RoarOnce upon a time in China ... Lion Roar

there was a real hero....
He is the great master of the Chinese martial arts
a respected chinese doctor...
He is Wong Fei Hung.

What I know about Wong Fei Hung...CONSOLIDATE THE NATION, DEFEND MOTHERLAND! To Master Wing from his colleagues from the Hand-to-Hand Fighting Department of the 4 Division of the Fujian Army.    (divisional seal)
As a child, I idolised Wong Fei Hung . Back then, I watched lots of Wong Fei Hung (re runs of old Cantonese movies) on TV.
In 1993, Jet Li's Wong Fei Hung gained international recognition for its excellent fighting scenes. 
 I particularly liked the theme for Wong Fei Hung series ..which is in fact "General's mandate" inspirational  piece of music written during the Ching Dynasty. It still gives me the groove today..dung dung dung.. hahaha.
In reality, Wong Fei Hung is indeed a very talented martial art practitioner and well known Chinese doctor.  
He learned the Southern Shaolin technique of Kung Fu (Hung Gar)... and is very well known for his Fu Hok Seong Ying Kuen, Gung Chi Fuk Fu Kin, Sap Chi Kuen and also Tit Sin Kuen. I also know that he is very good with the long staff (stick). In short, he did alot for the pulgistic and martial art world. Without him, Hung Gar Kung Fu may not be as famous!!!!
(See the detailed write up of Wong Fei Hung below)
Formalities aside, how does Wong Fei Hung look like?..mmmm
wong fei hung
 Him? No.

HIM?    ...NO.
Jackie Chan
What a joke....

Haha not him..he is a thief

Its him..the real Mc Coy..Master Wong Fei Hung 
(O.K  he took this picture at an old age. With no disrespect for his departed soul...I  didnt say that he looks like David Beckham)


See things as they are, a mirrior doesn't pick and choose what it wants to reflect. 

China of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century was a society under assault from both within and without. Corrupt officials of the decadent and declining Qing (Ch'ing) dynasty took advantage of the poor and displaced. Western commercial powers backed by Western gunboat diplomacy threatened traditional Chinese society. The times and the people called out for a hero.
Street fighting a criminal offense...
Wong Fei Hung lived in an entirely different era... where it is a norm for people to resolve their disputes with fighting...Wong fei Hung uses martial arts to defend the weak from bullies.  
In gist, the essence of Chinese Kung Fu is not about showing off your fighting skills or using it as a tool to intimidate people.
Wong Fei Hung's disciple, Lam Sai Wing had to leave Fat San for Hong Kong (Then under British rule) as he was being hunted  by the Ching authorities for killing some one during a fight.. 
Currently many people practise kung fu merely for good health and for self defense...street fighting is not the prevailing culture.With the exception of self defense, no one escapes the enforcement of law. 
Even Wong Fei Hung needs the service of a lawyer if he is alife and is caught fighting today !!!!
Ivan Lim 11/6/04
         72 Moves 

:Wong Fei Hung  1847-1924 

 Why piggy tail? Well Wong Fei Hung lived part of his life in the Ching dynasty  ..hence piggy tail is mandatory.

 Wong Fei Hung killed a big fierce dog (belonging to a Westerner) using only martial arts  ...his feet.


Statute of the great master in Wong Fei Hung Muzuem in Fat Shan.  

Mok Gwei Ying


His fourth wife Mok Kwai Lan







Wong Fei Hung's Lion Dance


He is skillful in th art of Lion dancing






Extracted text from  HongKuen.Net:

Wong Fei Hung was born(circa 1847) in the Nam hoi district of Kwungtung province into a well respected and famous family of Gung Fu practitioners. He is undautabley the most famous and extremely well known hung gar master to date whose life has been immortalized by hundreds of movies, publications, TV shows etc. Wong Fei Hung is widely considered as the father of the modern day Hung Gar due to his additions and the pivotal role on the development of Hung gar as we know today.

Wong Fei Hung started learning gung fu and traditional Chinese medicine from a very early age under the guidance of his father Wong Kei Ying. As a young boy Wong Fei Hung traveled with his father all over China which gave him the opportunity to meet and train with some of the best gung fu masters of the time. During one of these travels (as mentioned above) he met Lam Foon Sing a student of the famous Master Tid Kiu Sam. Lam Foon Sing passed all his knowledge on to Wong Fei Hung including the form Tid Sin Kuen which was created by Tid Kiu Sam.

"Kung Fu"
Canton Wing Chun Logo

As Wong Fei Hung grow up, he earned an excellent reputation for his gung fu as well as for his skills as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. He also became known and respected for his strong character, honesty, righteousness and moral values. He always helped those in need without asking for anything in return. Wong Fei Hung's martial skills and the effectiveness of his style (Hung Gar) was tested and proven time and time again in many open challenge's. Many famous and skilled gung fu fighters of the time came to cross hands with Wong Fei Hung but none could defeat him. During his life Wong Fei Hung met many challengers and never lost a fight. He soon became one of the most famous masters of his time if not the most famous. His name and stories about his gung fu skills and moral values spread far and wide. Wong Fei Hung eventually inherited his fathers school and clinic "Po Chi Lum" where thousands of people came to be accepted as his disciple and study his famous gung fu Hung Gar. It must be mentioned that besides his martial and medical skills, he was well know for his excellent Lion Dance and was referred to as the "King Of Lions". Wong Fei Hung was also the head instructor of the Kwuntung army and leader of the Civilian Militia.

As mentioned earlier, grandmaster Wong is widely known as the father of modern day Hung Gar due to the reason that using his excellent knowledge and hand on experience he further developed and modified Hung Gar.One of his greatest legacies and masterpiece is the Fu Hok Sheong Yin Kuen, or Tiger and Crane set, which he re-choreographed and further developed. Many important aspects and principles were further developed and added in , such as the unique internal training handed down by the Tid Kiu Sam, 10 special hands(sup duk sao- sup jeut sao) also known as 10 killing hands, theory of yin-yang, 5 elements, 7 stars etc. The ten special hands were the ten most favored techniques/principles of Wong Fei Hung which he used in many challenges to defeat his opponents.He is also accredited for developing and creating the Sup Ying Kuen as a bridge form between Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen and Tid Sin Kuen.

Wong Fei Hung was married four times and had many children. Three of his wifes sadly died due to illness. It is said that his first wife died not long after their wedding. Wong had no children from the first wife however his second wife bore him two boys who were named Wong Hon-Sum and Wong Hon-Lam. Sadly she also died. Grandmaster Wong's third wife did not live long either, she also bore two sons for Wong, they were named Wong Hon-Hei and Wong Hon-Hsu. It is said that Wong Fei Hung's first son Wong Hon-Sum was excellent in gung fu, however he was ambushed and shot dead by gangsters. After this tragic incident Wong Fei Hung stopped teaching gung fu to his other children only to protect them.

He did not remarry again for many years until he met Mok Gwai Lan(see photo)through a funny but rather embarrassing indecent on Wong Fei Hungs behalf. It is said that Wong Fei Hung and his students were asked to perform lion dance and demonstrate gung fu for the anniversary of the Lam Hoi Association. After excellent Lion Dance performance and gung fu demonstration by his students, the grandmaster Wong Fei Hung stepped out to demonstrate his famous skills to the eagerly waiting crowd. During his performance, one of his shoe accidentally came of, flew into the crowd and hit a young woman in the face. Wong Fei Hung quickly approached her and apologized. However the young woman was furious and slapped Wong in the face and told him off in front of the whole crowd saying that such a famous master of gung fu had no excuse and should be more carefully. After this incident Wong Fei Hung could not forget about the young woman and later found out that her name was Mok Gwai Lan and she was not yet married. She was also from a respectable family of gung fu masters and was skilled in her family style of Mok Gar gung fu. ( Mok Gar is one of the 5 main family styles of the southern gung fu). It is sad that she learned Mok Gar under his uncle who was also a good friend of Wong Fei Hung. Despite the age difference Wong Fei Hung eventually married Mok Gwai Lan. Because of her back ground in Mok Gar gung fu and her interest, grandmaster Wong taught her the Hung Gar system. Later she became an instructor at her husbands school and was responsible for teaching a all women's class. After Wong Fei Hung passed away (circa 1924) she moved to Hong Kong with her children and lived in Wanchai where she carried on teaching gung fu until her death. She was interwieved by Hong Kong TV a few times in the late sixties, and seventies. When She was about 83, she was interviewed by the Hong Kong TV and performed the famous Tiger and Crane form .

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Wong Fei Hung had many outstanding students. One of the most famous and well known of his student who carried on the legacy and teachings of his master was Lam Sai Wing. Wong Fei Hung had two other excellent students Leung Foon and Ling Wan Gai. However they both died at a young age and never had students of their own. It is said that Leung Foo was one of grandmaster Wongs top student, but sadly he got addicted to opium and soon fell ill and died.
Wong Fei Hung remains as the most famous of all Hung Gar masters to date. The story of his life has been immortalized by over hundred movies, publications, TV and radio shows. Kwan Tak Hing a well known Chinese actor rose to fame playing the character of Wong Fei Hung over 80 plus black/white and colured movies. Even today many movies and TV shows are still made about his life and his adventures by such famous actors like Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

 "Shadowless Kick" 
A famous technique by Wong Fei Hung
"Wu Lang Pat Kua Kwan"
A technique based on the chinese Pat Kua

                                    - Legendary Founder of Chan Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu


There are over 100 movies about Wong fei Hung...mostly played by Kwan Tak Hing.

BW scene of  Wong Fei HungKwan Tak HingtigerKwan Tak Hing of Wong Fei hung?













Recently that famous role went to Jet Lee ...

His famous disciple..Lam Sai Wing

The Butcher of Cantonlam sai wing in horse stance



scissor movement


An excerpt from the book of Lam Sai Wing "The TIGER and the CRANE".

Web site:

Lion RoarLion RoarLion RoarLion RoarLion Roar

Senfeng's AvatarSenfeng's AvatarSenfeng's AvatarSenfeng's Avatar





Tiger & Crane

Iron Rod fist


If you cant fight..just run.for your life..thats a smart move. 

Shaolin Chi Kung - "The Breath Chi permeates both feet and you stand like a rider on a horse, as steady as the mountain of Taishan"



HU ! HAH  ! HU ! HAH !


Will the Real Wong Fei Hung Please Stand Up?

Wong Fei Hung is remembered as a Chinese patriot, a healer, a philosopher, and a martial artist who stood for the rights of the oppressed within a country long plagued with corrupt leadership. Yet the more we see Fei Hung portrayed in film, the less we really know of the man. While still hugely popular in China, little serious effort has been made in film or fiction to chronicle an accurate version of Fei Hung's life, particularly in the West. Played as a budding martial artist, an immature young adult, an austere patriot, or as a wizened elder, the real Fei Hung continues to elude us. Perhaps this is not so important. Like all heroes of myth and history, the legend of Wong Fei Hung will no doubt continue to inspire and entertain people around the world for years to come.


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