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"I am a chat addict"

Online Safety:

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Get Chatting!
ComputerChatting is a great way to meet people on the web and talk to them about almost anything you can think of. If you've got an interest in something - anything - you can guarantee you'll be able to get in touch with like-minded people and chat about it somewhere on the web. It's great fun too!

But there have been loads of stories in the press and on TV which imply that chatting is dangerous and that you never know fully who you're talking to.



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BANGKOK CHATYellow RoseCornholio


( This is not written by IVAN LIM)

>> HornyGuy has joined room #bangkokchat
ThaiGirl> Hello ka
HornyGuy> Hi
ThaiGirl> i from Thailand
HornyGuy> I know that, stupid
ThaiGirl> sorry honey :-(
ThaiGirl> u want talk with me?
HornyGuy> Why should I?
ThaiGirl> forget it mai pen rai
HornyGuy> Hey wait a minute
ThaiGirl> what?
HornyGuy> Sorry Im just a bit paranoid.
ThaiGirl> ???
HornyGuy> I think too much
ThaiGirl> why honey?
HornyGuy> Im hiding from the cops
HornyGuy> The boys in brown
ThaiGirl> LOL
HornyGuy> Dont fucking laugh at me
HornyGuy> Its no joke
ThaiGirl> what u do?
HornyGuy> You dont want to know
ThaiGirl> i do
ThaiGirl> pleeeeeease honey na na na ;-)
HornyGuy> I fucked an elephant
HornyGuy> Hello?

ThaiGirl> u crazy guy baa
HornyGuy> Send me your photo
ThaiGirl> why?
HornyGuy> So I know you arent a cop
ThaiGirl> i no cop
HornyGuy> Then send me your photo
HornyGuy> Hello?
ThaiGirl> i no want send u i no beautiful
HornyGuy> Most cops arent
ThaiGirl> I NO COP!!!
HornyGuy> Then send me your photo
HornyGuy> Hurry up
ThaiGirl> i no want send
HornyGuy> Fuck you, cop
HornyGuy> Then send it
ThaiGirl> ok what u email?
HornyGuy> Just send it here
ThaiGirl> ok *PIC*
Thaigirl> u get?
HornyGuy> Just a second
Thaigirl> my friend take it last year
ThaiGirl> i lose my kilo now
HornyGuy> I hope so
ThaiGirl> ?!?!?!
ThaiGirl> why u speak bad?
HornyGuy> Did I hurt your feelings?
ThaiGirl> yes
ThaiGirl> i no lose kilo too much
HornyGuy> Will you feel better if you see mine?
ThaiGirl> yes
HornyGuy> Hang on
HornyGuy> Here it is *PIC*
ThaiGirl> this no u!!!
HornyGuy> Yes it is
ThaiGirl> profile pic no same same
HornyGuy> The profile photo is a fake
HornyGuy> I use it to fool the cops
ThaiGirl> u baby face guy
HornyGuy> Youre so fat you need an aerial photo
ThaiGirl> go fuck yourself
HornyGuy> I was going to until I saw your photo
HornyGuy> Ill never get a hard-on again
ThaiGirl> why u speak bad too much?
ThaiGirl> i no should send photo before
ThaiGirl> why u hurt me?
HornyGuy> So you think baby-face doesnt hurt me?
ThaiGirl> i think u lie
HornyGuy> I think you have your own ZIP code
ThaiGirl> u bad guy jai rai
ThaiGirl> people joking me all my life
HornyGuy> Ok, Im sorry
ThaiGirl> u no sorry
HornyGuy> Youre right, Im not
ThaiGirl> u boring now
HornyGuy> Aww, Im sorry
ThaiGirl> i put u on ignore
HornyGuy> Wait a second
HornyGuy> We got off on the wrong foot
HornyGuy> Wanna start over?
ThaiGirl> no
HornyGuy> Ill eat your pussy
ThaiGirl> ???
HornyGuy> You heard me
HornyGuy> I said Id eat your pussy
ThaiGirl> but u little brother no hard
HornyGuy> Do I need a hard-on to eat your pussy?
ThaiGirl> i want u horny
HornyGuy> Well Im not like most guys
HornyGuy> I get turned-on in other ways
ThaiGirl> ???
HornyGuy> Do you really want to know?
HornyGuy> You have to tell me yes or no
ThaiGirl> i no sure
HornyGuy> Why?
ThaiGirl> because
HornyGuy> Because why?
ThaiGirl> u boom boom elephant
ThaiGirl> u say i fat
ThaiGirl> now u want eat my pussy
ThaiGirl> u strange na?
HornyGuy> No
ThaiGirl> i think u strange guy
HornyGuy> Fine
HornyGuy> I wont do it then
ThaiGirl> i no say that
HornyGuy> So is that a yes?
ThaiGirl> i think so
HornyGuy> Ok
HornyGuy> I need your help getting excited though
HornyGuy> Are you willing?
ThaiGirl> what u want me do?
HornyGuy> I need you to talk like a pirate
ThaiGirl> ???
HornyGuy> Thats a jon sala to you
HornyGuy> When I start to go limp... you say HARRRR!!!
HornyGuy> Ok?
HornyGuy> Hello?
ThaiGirl> u no serious!
HornyGuy> Oh yes I am
HornyGuy> Its my fantasy
ThaiGirl> u crazy guy jing jing!!!
HornyGuy> Do you want it or not?
ThaiGirl> i want
HornyGuy> Then youll do it for me?
ThaiGirl> ka
HornyGuy> Ok here we go
HornyGuy> I gently remove your panties
HornyGuy> and I begin to massage your thighs
HornyGuy> Youre getting really juicy thinking about
HornyGuy> my tounge brushing up against them
HornyGuy> I softly begin to touch your wet pussy
HornyGuy> I run my tounge down your smooth slit
ThaiGirl> mmmm yeah
HornyGuy> Uh oh... going limp
ThaiGirl> Har
HornyGuy> You have to do better than that
HornyGuy> Your photo was really bad
HornyGuy> Ahh much better
HornyGuy> Your pussy moistens with every stroke
HornyGuy> I softly suck on your clit
HornyGuy> bringing it in and out of my mouth
HornyGuy> Your juices run down my chin
HornyGuy> Your scent fills my nose
HornyGuy> I feel empowered by your femininity
ThaiGirl> mmmmmm u good
HornyGuy> I feel your thighs tighten as I suck
HornyGuy> Going limp
HornyGuy> Mmmm I grab your swelling buttocks
HornyGuy> You begin to sway back and forth
HornyGuy> Going limp
ThaiGirl> this stupid
HornyGuy> ...still limp
HornyGuy> Do it!
HornyGuy> I turn you around to lick your arsehole
HornyGuy> and pry apart your massive butt-cheeks
HornyGuy> I see the hair around your arsehole
HornyGuy> covered in shit-nuggets
ThaiGirl> WTF?!?!?!
HornyGuy> They stink really bad
ThaiGirl> OMG STOP!!!
HornyGuy> I get fed up with your ugly fat butt
HornyGuy> I tear off your wooden peg-leg
HornyGuy> and ram it up your arse!
HornyGuy> Then I pour hot caramel over your head
HornyGuy> and turn you into a fucking toffee-apple
HornyGuy> You like it, you little Thai pirate slut!
HornyGuy> I kick you in the face
HornyGuy> Your parrot flys away
HornyGuy> ...going limp again
HornyGuy> Hello?
HornyGuy> Say it!
>> ThaiGirl has left room #bangkokchat
HornyGuy> HAARRRRRR!!!!!                   


beavis.gif (2911 bytes) HARRRRRRR !!!

              kid.gif (13491 bytes)HARRRRRRR!!!!


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